All The Questions We Have About Blake Lively's Shark Movie 'The Shallows'

6. How does she have Wi-Fi/cell service on such a remote island?
It's Blake Lively vs. Shark.
It's Blake Lively vs. Shark.

On Monday, new footage of Blake Lively's shark thriller, "The Shallows," was released online, leaving us with so many questions. The new clip, combined with the film's trailer, really builds up the suspense. But we want answers! Until we get them -- hopefully on June 24 when the film hits theaters -- we'll ponder the 24 questions below.

1. Who is that little boy playing soccer?
2. Will he be safe?
3. Where did Blake get that apple?
4. And how is it so crunchy, after what was probably a major trek to get to this island?
5. Isn't it against the rules to bring fruit on planes to different countries?

6. How does she have Wi-Fi/cell service on such a remote island?
7. Do people actually live on this island?
8. Where is she staying?
9. Did she just get off the plane and land on this island?
10. Why does the shark only bite her but swallow the other guys?
11. How did those other guys not see the shark coming if they're in such shallow water?

12. What is the chance there is actually a working gun in that buoy?
13. How did she know there’d even be a gun there?
14. Do all buoys have weapons in them?
15. Will the seagull be her Wilson?
16. Where did she get the knife?
17. Why is a sleeve ripped off at one point but attached at another?
18. Did she use her sleeve as a tourniquet?

19. How did she rip her sleeve so perfectly?
20. How much of this movie actually takes place on this rock?
21. How did she retrieve that guy's helmet?
22. How long could she go without medical help?
23. How much time passes in this movie?
24. Do you think she actually kills the shark with that gun?

"The Shallows" hits theaters June 24.

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