Ally Sheedy’s Reaction To Her ‘Breakfast Club’ Makeover Shows How Times Have Changed

The actress never liked her goth-to-prep transition in the first place.

“The Breakfast Club” made Ally Sheedy an eternal style queen. That tousled hair and dark eyeliner was a proto-form of goth fashion, which, when the movie opened in 1985, was still migrating to America from the British rock scene. Allison, the resident “basket case,” speaks to countless teenagers who feel like misfits.

Then they had to go and muck it up. John Hughes’ classic ends with preppy Claire (Molly Ringwald) giving Allison a makeover and jock Andy (Emilio Estevez) suddenly taken by her glammed-up beauty. 

During a HuffPost interview to promote her new film “Little Sister,” Sheedy, who helped to craft Allison’s look, said the makeover scene wouldn’t happen if the movie were made today. 

“They would have left her alone, and the onus would have been on him ― on Emilio’s character ― to break through and to see what was inside,” she said. “I didn’t have to change my look to get him to suddenly see it. But that’s where we were then.”

Sheedy suggested that Allison’s changes should be more of an evolution. In the clip above, watch her describe how the storyline changed from Hughes’ original script. 

“Little Sister” is now open in limited release and available on VOD platforms. Read our follow-up interview with Sheedy here.

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