Aly Raisman: 'I'd Go on a Date With Joe Jonas'

Aly Raisman has everyone's attention following an amazing run in gymnastics at the 2012 Summer Olympic games, where she won a gold medal for her floor routine, a bronze medal on the balance beam and a team gold.Now, she even has the attention of singer Joe Jonas.

"Wow @Aly_Raisman and the women gymnasts are incredible.. GO USA!"

Like most 18-year-old girls -- Olympians or not -- Raisman was giddy to learn that Jonas had tweeted about her.

The gymnast told Us Weekly that she was "really flattered" by the singer's compliments and told the magazine, "I'm excited to get to know him. I would go on a date with him."

Of course Jonas wasn't the only celebrity to congratulate Raisman and the rest of the "Fierce Five":

"CONGRATS to @McKaylaMaroney @jordynmarie2013 @kyla_ross96 @aly_Raisman @gabreilledoug on your GOLD MEDAL. #BelieversWinGOLD #Proud," tweeted every teenage girl's biggest crush, Justin Bieber.

And the boys aren't the only ones who are impressed. Reality stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner also said they wanted to befriend Raisman. "Come to L.A. so we can hang out, girl," Kendall tweeted on August 8.

It's an offer that Raisman would love to take them up on. "I would love to go shopping with them if they want to. They would probably take me to some really good place in California," Raisman told Us Weekly. "I love the way they dress, so they know where to go."

Since returning to the US, the "Fierce Five" have become celebrities in their own right -- even appearing on the "Late Show With David Letterman" earlier this week.

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