Joe Jonas

“Is that a compliment?” the pop star asked in a TikTok video while he described the awkward encounter at a CVS.
The "Quantico" alum has removed the "Game of Thrones" star from her own Instagram roster as well.
Both have permission from the court to take their children to the U.K.
The “Game of Thrones” star posted a “fearless” bracelet on her Instagram story, which is the name of Swift’s second studio album.
The actor and singer agreed to keep their two daughters in New York while they work out the details of their split.
“Can we take a moment to appreciate the public's response to Joe Jonas' smear campaign against Sophie Turner. I love that as a collective we’re all here for Sophie.”
Jonas filed for divorce from the "Game of Thrones" star earlier this month.
The "Anti-Hero" singer and the "Game of Thrones" star now share an ex.
Since the divorce announcement, rumors have circulated about why the couple is separating.