Aly Raisman

The failure to properly investigate the USA Gymnastics doctor allowed him to sexually abuse 70 more athletes, lawmakers said in a Senate hearing.
Chris Evans and Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman had a puppy play date for their rescue dogs.
“The Good Place” star addressed critics who felt the new ads weren’t truly inclusive.
"If you are not transparent, you cannot learn from your mistakes," the Olympic gymnast said.
Mary Bono worked for the law firm that represented USAG when Nassar was first investigated for child sexual abuse.
The six-time Olympic gymnastics medalist opens up about self-esteem, bad body-image days and the truth about happy Instagram posts.
Aly Raisman and other survivors are not happy with the organization's choice to appoint Mary Lee Tracy as the new elite development coordinator.
The six-time Olympic medalist said her athletic physique used to make her feel insecure while bra shopping.
Nassar's lawyer suggested Judge Rosemarie Aquilina's castigation of the disgraced doctor laid the groundwork for the alleged assault.
"Putting reputations above safety needs to stop," the Olympic gymnast wrote.