Aly Raisman

“The Good Place” star addressed critics who felt the new ads weren’t truly inclusive.
"If you are not transparent, you cannot learn from your mistakes," the Olympic gymnast said.
Mary Bono worked for the law firm that represented USAG when Nassar was first investigated for child sexual abuse.
The six-time Olympic gymnastics medalist opens up about self-esteem, bad body-image days and the truth about happy Instagram posts.
Aly Raisman and other survivors are not happy with the organization's choice to appoint Mary Lee Tracy as the new elite development coordinator.
The six-time Olympic medalist said her athletic physique used to make her feel insecure while bra shopping.
Nassar's lawyer suggested Judge Rosemarie Aquilina's castigation of the disgraced doctor laid the groundwork for the alleged assault.
"Putting reputations above safety needs to stop," the Olympic gymnast wrote.
Maroney told "Dateline" she reported the abuse to John Geddert during the 2011 World Championships, but he did nothing.
The Olympic gymnast and sexual assault survivor gave a talk at Louisiana State University on Wednesday.
The Olympic gymnast called out victim shaming in a series of tweets.
Jacob Moore is the first male accuser to openly come out against Larry Nassar, saying he was abused during acupuncture treatments for gymnastics injuries.
Gymnastics was just the beginning of the rot in our youth sports culture.
"I refuse to wait any longer for these organizations to do the right thing."
The magazine that monetized the male gaze for 50-plus years now wants to have it both ways.
He's already been sentenced to 40 to 175 years on other abuse charges.
"It’s very hard for me to trust some other people," the gymnast said.
The Olympic gymnast said she hopes the serial predator's prison sentence sets an "example to all the other abusers out there that their time is up."
The color of Sexual Assault Awareness Month flooded MSU's Breslin Center at Friday's basketball game.
The Olympic gymnast wants every staff member who knew of Larry Nassar's history of abuse to be forced out of the organization.