Amanda Knox Grants First Television Interview To ABC News

Amanda Knox To Give First Television Interview

Amanda Knox will give her first television interview since being acquitted of murder to ABC News.

Knox, an American student, was cleared of murder in 2011 after spending four years in jail. She will sit down with Diane Sawyer for an interview, which will air as a primetime special on April 30.

ABC News reportedly did not pay Knox for the exchange, which will coincide with the release of Knox's book, "Waiting to Be Heard." The network's announcement on Monday put an end to a year-long competition for the coveted interview.

Knox's acquittal immediately set off an intense race between the networks last year. ABC, CBS and NBC all reportedly had representatives in Italy vying for the get.

The interview also raised ethical issues for the networks. There were other reports that ABC and CBS producers allowed Knox's sisters, ages 13 and 16, to stay in their rooms during the trial. The New York Post even reported rumors that an American news organization had a private jet waiting in Perugia, Italy, where the trial took place, ready to whisk Knox back to the States.

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