Amanda Seyfried's Breasts Predict The Snow

Amanda Seyfried showed her sense of humor when she predicted the impending New York snowfall Thursday night. Seyfried and her "Dear John" costar Channing Tatum were doing a Q&A at the Soho Apple store.

As Seyfried's first big role was Karen in 2004's "Mean Girls," who believed she could predict the weather with her breasts, an audience member asked Seyfried what she thought of the rumored impending snowfall.

Seyfried paused, thought, and answered it "felt like 10 to 12 inches."

Also Thursday Tatum advised against becoming an actor if you just want fame and said that to make it in acting one must let rejection roll off "like water from a duck's back." He also said that while he does not watch "Jersey Shore," he has seen Snooki get punched.

Meanwhile Seyfried said she related to her "Dear John" character as she too is in a long distance relationship - with her British "Mamma Mia!" costar Dominic Cooper.