Americans Face Up To Their Farting Fears In Survey

We think it's awkward during sex. Duh.

You probably wouldn't lose employment because you farted in bed, but Americans believe that cutting one at a job interview is less embarrassing than during sex, SWNS reported.

And there's a whole lot more breaking news from a 2,000-person survey conducted by flatulence deodorant Devrom:

-- Only 37 percent would confess to having dealt it if a coworker smelt it.

-- 44 percent said they leave the room after they blow their butt trumpet. (Cowards!)

-- 20 percent would make a loud noise to muffle their vibrating sphincter and avoid detection.

-- 35 percent would prefer to fart loud and odor free, rather than the ol' SBD (silent but deadly).

-- 30 percent have lost their appetite because someone ripped one.

As for the embarrassment scale, here's the top five:

1. During sex. 2. During a job interview 3. On a date. 4. In a car filled with people. 5. While at work.

To find out more on how America passes gas, check out the word on the street in the SWNS video above.



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