Things Turn Sour When Americans Taste Latin Fruits For The First Time

"It looks like a sea creature, I trust that it’s not because this is about fruit."

There's a long list of tropical fruits from Latin America that you simply can't find at the corner grocery store in the United States. Tamarind, dragon fruit, papaya, star fruit and rambutan -- these fruits are anything but strange for most Latinos but many Americans can't quite say the same. 

With that in mind, Flama sat a few reluctant non-Latinos down for an on-camera fruit tasting. It's safe to say that, for the most part, the participants weren't very impressed.

"It looks like a sea creature, I trust that it’s not because this is about fruit," said one woman before tasting rambutan. 

After trying papaya, one man's first thought was to compare the fruit with the Dave Matthews Band. "Like I get that people like it, but like it doesn't work for me," he said.  

Many users wrote comments on the video about an absence of more popular fruits like guanabana, mora, lulo, mangostino, granadilla and curuba.  

One question we do have for Flama, who in the world eats passion fruit straight from the source? Pro tip: Instead, turn it into a refreshing passion fruit juice or a delicious tart glaze.

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