Anaconda Babies Live Birth: Can They Survive Piranha And An Ocelot? (VIDEO)

WATCH Anaconda Birth: Can These Babies Survive Piranha And An Ocelot?

In this video from National Geographic, an anaconda mother gives birth to 40 live babies, as anacondas are one of the snake species that don't lay eggs.

Unfortunately, the mother is a bit hungry after not eating for months, so she dives right in, chowing down on the stillborn babies and undeveloped eggs. It's no wonder the newborn anacondas aren't keen to stick around.

Immediately setting off into the Venezuelan wild, the anacondas learn firsthand about the dangers of their new world. Although anacondas are the largest snake species, according to Nat Geo, these little fellows have some time before they will be full grown.

Who will survive when the anaconda babies have to face a school of deadly piranha and a hungry ocelot?


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