Anthony Anderson 'Eats America' On The Hunt For The Country's Best Homemade Fare (VIDEO, RECIPES)

While much of the country takes refuge from the oppressive summer heat, actor-turned-foodie Anthony Anderson is braving it, stepping into kitchens and in front of flaming pits, in a new series that sets out to uncover the nation's best home-cooked fare.

Debuting this month on AOL, "Anthony Eats America" takes a seat at the table for a sampling of American culture, from old-fashioned Texas BBQ to creamy New England clam chowder, and oddities like Koolickles (pickles marinated in Kool-Aid). Through his culinary expedition, which his says was inspired by his family's love affair with food, Anderson gets to the heart of what makes for a memorable dish.

Check out four standouts we can't wait to try in the slideshow below and a clip from the show in the video above.

'Anthony Eats America' Recipes