Anthony Mastrogiovanni Allegedly Pulls Off-Duty Cop Over, Gets Arrested For Impersonating Officer

You have the right to remain a civilian.

A Maryland man allegedly equipped his white truck with flashing red and blue lights, then made a traffic stop on a highway in Upper Marlboro -- but the guy he pulled over was an off-duty cop.

When Anthony Kenneth Mastrogiovanni realized he had pulled over a Capitol Heights police officer earlier this week, he tried to cover by claiming he was a military officer from Louisiana, MSNBC reported.

Still, he reportedly kept the lie going and told the off-duty cop he was speeding. The officer told Mastrogiovanni that he was outside his jurisdiction and that his blue and red lights were illegal.

Mastrogiovanni, 29, then tried to flee.

But on-duty cops were hot on his trail, and he was arrested and charged with impersonating an officer. He was released later that day on a promise to appear in court, the Associated Press reported.