19 Reasons We're Grateful For Our Moms (PHOTOS)


Our mothers can seem a bit superhuman: They bring us into the world, hug us when we're scared and share wisdom to help us navigate the darkest days. For that we are grateful.

This Mother's Day, we're calling attention to the many ways we feel thankful for our supremely capable mothers: We asked our social community to tell us one thing they each appreciate about these wonderful ladies. Below, find some of our favorite responses. Then, let us know what's so supreme about your mama in the comments section.

"Unconditional love." -- Kwanpeemai Panorchan
unconditional love

"Her unwavering faith." -- Linda Moore

"That she is always there for me and I can talk to her as a friend." -- Melissa Regan

"Her eternal optimism." -- Michelle Willaims Nestor
thumbs up
Photo: flickr/popofatticus

"She taught me to make do with very little, and to work hard for what I wanted." -- Mary Jane Butler

"Always there when I need her. Always loving, never judging." -- Yvonne Gerichhausen

"Her discipline and strong character." -- Gisela Samayoa Ovalle
wise woman

"That she sacrificed and worked so hard to give us everything we needed to make it." -- Franchesca Alejandra

"Her understanding of what makes people tick!" -- Aviva Dolgenas Scully

"Her patience." -- Claudia Thy
patient mom

"Her ability to judge character in a split second!" -- Cheryl Burt

"Her encouragement." -- Laura Keating
helpful mom
Photo: flickr/Sunfox

"For reading to me, and teaching me to love literature." -- Kami Mailloux Mulzet
mom reading
Photo: flickr/popofatticus

"Her awesome mind and big heart!" -- Judith Costa

"Her strength." -- Rachel Jacobs
strong woman

"Her unflagging love and acceptance." -- Christina Mayne

"Her apple strudel..." -- Emre Oral
apple strudel

"Her laughter." -- Gail Thomas Burgess

"Her sense of humor -- she taught me how to laugh." -- Jill Harris Crawford
silly mom
Photo: flickr/Matt & Janet