Happy April Fools' Day: 12 'Health' Foods Fooling Us All

Several breakfast items make the list, and we're not talking about decadent French toast.

We wish we could tell you the red coloring in Swedish Fish was a sign of lots of antioxidants or that a glass of wine counted as a serving of fruit. But we know you'd catch our April Fools' joke right off the bat.

Instead, this April Fools' Day, we're lifting the curtain on some other pranksters. While plenty of junk foods aren't fooling anyone -- everybody knows a bunch of sugar, gelatin and preservatives, for instance, doesn't have much to offer when it comes to nutritional value -- there are a number of other tricksy foods masquerading as beneficial bounty. Oatmeal? Granola? VitaminWater? The jig is up!

Check out the 12 jokesters below, then let us know in the comments what other foods are trying to trick you into thinking they have something nutritious to offer. Happy April Fools' Day!


April Fools' Day Foods

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