'Instant Arches,' Shoe Inserts And More Ways To Get Foot Relief

We're making New Year's resolutions left and right, it seems, but one we really want to concentrate on this year is to take better care of our feet.

After all, as Bette Midler once famously said, "Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world." But with our vow in mind, we're amending these words to, "give a girl the right shoe inserts and she'll turn any street into a runway."

Our fearless leader Arianna Huffington has been pretty persuasive at convincing us to swap our stilettos for more sensible flats, but we still face discomfort no matter the shoe height. In effort to walk proudly and without pain, we've found seven foot relief products to save our soles and arches.

For Back-of-Heel Relief
No need to apply bandages that don't stay put throughout the day. Simply stick these curved cushions to your heels to eliminate friction and prevent blisters. Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz, $34 (six-pack)
For Slippery Soles
It's not cute to have your toes hanging out of the front of your shoes. These suede liners are designed not only to keep feet in place, but from getting sweaty. Summer Soles Suede Insoles, $14.99
For Flat Feet
These pear-shaped faux arches from HuffPost blogger Dr. Steve Rosenberg come in handy, especially during the winter months when our feet are glued to flat boots. They provide just enough support when wearing thicker socks. Dr. Rosenberg's Instant Arches, $11
For Fatigued Feet
This brand has a longstanding reputation for being one of the best in foot care. These gel inserts mold perfectly to the bottom of your feet, providing an absorbent yet cushioned foundation if standing or walking for long periods of time. Dr. Scholl's Massage Gel Insoles, $9.48
For Extra Cushioning
We often forget our running shoes when we consider arch support. However, these extra thin soles provide enough volume to fit snug inside your sneakers no matter the sport. Sole Softec Response, $45
For Lift & Support
Ugg boot lovers will appreciate the sole support these heel inserts offer. Thanks to memory foam technology, each pair fits custom to your uniqueness. Say Hello To Longer Legs, $19
For Tight-Fitting Shoes
We all have a pair of shoes that need to be "broken in." These doctor-recommended insoles help to distribute weight evenly and are perfect for men, too! Superfeet 'Active Blue' Insoles, $44.95
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