Artist Natalie Irish Creates Portrait Of Dutchess Kate Middleton With Kisses (PHOTOS)

We are both very impressed and very uncomfortable after seeing a portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge made entirely of kisses over at the Daily Mail. Artist Natalie Irish created this tribute to Kate Middleton made entirely out of kisses, laying thousands of wet ones onto a blank canvas to create a strikingly realistic portrait.

"Kate Middleton" By Natalie Irish
Copyright ©2012 By Natalie Irish

The Houston born artist got the idea when she was putting on red lipstick one night and blotted the excess onto a piece of paper. Marilyn Monroe was the first to get the artist's kiss of approval, an appropriate choice given the blonde starlet's signature red lips.

Irish's portrait of Middleton on her wedding day, which hangs in Ripley's Believe It Or Not in London, is both dazzling and unbelievably creepy. We are not sure whether this artist and Middleton devotee deserves her own gallery exhibition or a restraining order. However, we must admit we are impressed with her devotion to her subjects.

What do you think of Irish's ode... off-putting, astounding or both? Let us know in the comments.

See some more of her celebrity kisses below:

Natalie Irish