Avan Jogia Talks ‘Twisted' And Going To 'Dark Places' As An Actor On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

You might recognize Avan Jogia for playing Beck Oliver, the high school boyfriend of your dreams from Nickelodeon’s “Victorious,” but now the young actor has stepped into a new, slightly darker TV role.

In ABC Family’s new series “Twisted,” which premiered in March, Jogia plays the series’ main character Danny Desai -- a teen with a criminal past who has to re-adjust to regular high school life.

Jogia stopped by HuffPost Live to chat about the show and how he finds his "dark place" as an actor. Watch a clip in the video above.

"When [acting] goes to the dark places, it’s fun to be different people," Jogia said. "It’s fun to play pretend. It’s not so much of a dark thing as it is funny to be the villain sometimes."

Jogia also reflected on what he learned from his "Victorious" days.

"I went to school to act. I learned what it takes to be another person, to really find truth in that. That doesn't mean I know anything about business or how a network is run," he said. "So that's the kind of stuff I really learned working for 'Victorious,' and being behind the scenes enough to watch the politics and learning."

As for his career in general, the young actor joked that being a "21-year-old man who pretends to be other people” is a “mildly ridiculous" job.

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