Baby Cheetah Cub, Kiburi, Born At San Diego Zoo (VIDEO)

This little cheetah cub won't make your day -- he'll make your week! The San Diego Zoo is lucky enough to have a new addition, Kiburi (which means "proud" in Swahili), an adorably playful cheetah cub who we first featured a photo of in our Animal Photos Of The Week slideshow this past weekend.

Now in this video from Reuters, watch as the tiny cub eagerly chugs his bottle of milk, curls into a furry ball, and even playfully bites his own little paw.

According to National Geographic, cheetahs are considered the fastest mammal on land, reaching speeds of up to 70 mph. In the wild, cheetahs live in regions of Africa and the Middle East. Cubs normally stay with their mothers until they are about a year old, although sadly, Kiburi's mother showed signs of abandonment. Hard to imagine, especially when he stretches those tiny paws!

WATCH Kiburi the cheetah cub: