Ballet Dancer Erik Cavanaugh Shows Grace Comes In All Sizes

"Dreams are possible as long as you work and push yourself."

Erik Cavanaugh wrote on his Instagram page that he is "attempting to change the mind and shape of dancers."

Based on the online popularity he has achieved recently, it looks like he's well on his way.

Cavanaugh, 23, from Pittsburgh, exhibits uncommon grace and agility in videos of his solo, often improvised, performances.

One video of his highlights (above) was posted by the New York Post on Facebook and has received hundreds of thousands of views.

"The attention is crazy," he told The Huffington Post.

Cavanaugh also posted a video on EllenTube, writing, "One of my biggest goals in life is to meet and dance for Ellen [DeGeneres), as well as show the world that ... dreams are possible as long as you work and push yourself."

He danced in high school musicals and performed solo and group pieces in college, he told HuffPost.

But now he's winning over one of the biggest audiences of all -- the Internet.

"I never expected a video of mine to be shared and go viral," he said.

Bravo, Mr. Cavanaugh.

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