Barbara Walters Reviews 'Bruno': 'Pornographic' With 'Close Ups Of Penises' (VIDEO)

Barbara Walters went to see Bruno, and Tuesday she told "View" viewers just what they could expect from the film.

Joy Behar had told the audience during a previous show how funny she had found the film. Not Barbara, who especially wanted to warn parents who might take their kids.

"There are close ups of penises and pubic hair, with it wagging," Walters told the camera, moving her hand up and down in an approximation of a penis.

She went on.

"I don't need to know how you are having anal intercourse... I don't like seeing close ups of anal sex... This is a movie that's almost as pornographic as anything pornographic I've ever seen."

The moral?

"For heavens sake, don't take your children!"

WATCH (She went on for 4+ minutes, so it's been edited down):