Watch BASE Jumper Soar Down Past The Shard

The daredevil reportedly leapt from the London high-rise's 72nd floor.

It's a long way down from near the top of The Shard in London.

But it looks like a BASE jumper braved the descent and leapt from the 72nd floor Western Europe's tallest building on Saturday morning.

Video and photographs posted online appears to show a daredevil parachuting down next to the iconic 95-story skyscraper.

A witness said the unidentified man landed in St. Thomas Street, where someone helped stuff his green chute into a bag before he ran off.

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"I haven't seen anything like that before, I have no idea what he was thinking. He was moving quite fast and kind of swinging or swaying from side to side," witness Brian Smith told The Sun. "Everyone around just looked around and laughed. They couldn't believe it."

Justin Knock also watched the incident unfurl. "Minutes later police and Shard security were right there looking for him," he told the Evening Standard.

London Metropolitan Police confirmed it was called to reports of a man parachuting from The Shard at 10:18 a.m. "We did attend. We are not aware of any injuries and there have been no arrests," a spokesperson said.

It's yet to be verified whether the man did indeed jump from the world's 87th tallest building. It's possible he soared down from another unknown point and was only spotted near The Shard as he came in to land.

But the current consensus is that he did illegally launch himself from the high-rise, although it's unclear how he passed security to gain access to the upper levels of the building, which has no external viewing platform.

A spokesperson for The Shard told The Sun it was investigating the incident. "All parts of the building remain open.”

In 2012, roofer Dan Witchalls reportedly also leapt four times from The Shard when it was nearing completion. British magician Dynamo performed a levitating stunt from the top of the 1,017 foot landmark in 2014.