Watch This Motorcyclist's Extremely Close Call With A Bear

Terrifying encounter caught on helmet camera.

Beware of the bear!

A motorbike rider's incredibly close call was caught on helmet camera in Thailand.

Video posted online sees the biker rounding a corner near the eastern city of Nakhon Ratchasima on Sunday.

The animal, an Asiatic black bear, suddenly runs out into the road, forcing the driver to swerve.

The unharmed, but presumably seriously spooked, rider is heard screaming out "whoa," before the clip cuts out.

In Florida, these bears were caught sumo wrestling on a trampoline, while in Idaho this bear was busted trying to break into a home -- but was foiled by the cat door.

Asiatic black bears are found across Southeast Asia. They are listed as an endangered species due to widespread hunting for their body parts and loss of habitat from logging and the expansion of cities. Their gallbladders are used in some forms of traditional medicine.

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