The Best Electric Toothbrushes On Amazon, According To Reviews

Find top-reviewed options from brands like Oral-B, Philips Sonicare and more.
Top-rated electric toothbrushes on Amazon include this AquaSonic Black Series whitening toothbrush, the Phillips Sonicare 4100 Power toothbrush and the Pro 1000 toothbrush by Oral-B.
Top-rated electric toothbrushes on Amazon include this AquaSonic Black Series whitening toothbrush, the Phillips Sonicare 4100 Power toothbrush and the Pro 1000 toothbrush by Oral-B.

Studies suggest that your regular brushing and flossing habits can impact more than just what is going on with your teeth and gums. They can even possibly influence the health of your heart and determine your risk for more chronic conditions down the road.

That being said, brushing your teeth isn’t always the most enjoyable part of your day, especially in recent times when you might be staying home a lot more often. It can be easy to skip that recommended time with the brush and paste.

According to the Oral Health Foundation, electric toothbrushes can be more effective in eliminating plaque buildup, preventing tooth decay and leaving behind healthier gums.

If you’re still using a manual toothbrush or just want to stop cringing each time you hit the dentist’s chair, see below for some of the highest rated electric toothbrushes on the market, plus what reviewers had to say about them.

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The Philips Sonicare 4100 Power electric toothbrush
According to Phillips Sonicare, this electric sonic toothbrush can remove up to five times more plaque than manual brushing, even in harder-to-reach places like along the gum line and in between teeth. It features two setting intensities and also indicates how long you should spend brushing each area to avoid over-brushing. A pressure sensor notifies you when you are pressing too hard, making this a great option for people with gums that are sensitive or prone to recession.

Five-star ratings: 65,649

Promising review: "Life-changing is an overused marketing buzzword, but this thing has been exactly that for me. It reversed my periodontal disease. It has saved me thousands in costly dental work. It has made my hygienist the single most bored woman on the planet, because there is simply no plaque or tartar left to clean, to the point my dentist said I only need to come in yearly as opposed to the usual every 6 months. This removes plaque and tartar that a manual toothbrush can't. I don't care how good your technique is. I don't even care if you're an actual dentist using a manual toothbrush. It cannot and does not remove as much plaque as this electric toothbrush does. Did I mention the battery life is amazing? I travel for a living. Sometimes for weeks at a time. This thing lasts me 24+ brushes on a single charge. Cannot recommend enough." — C

You can also find a pack of eight replacement brush heads for $15.67.
AquaSonic Black Series ultra whitening toothbrush
With a motor that produces 40,000 vibrations a minute, this sleek electric toothbrush by AquaSonic can provide complete oral care from gum care to tooth whitening and polishing. This toothbrush has four cleaning modes, including a gum massage function to improve circulation, and smart notification timers to help you avoid over-brushing. This set also comes with eight replacement brush heads to last you up to two years, as well as a travel case and charging base.

Five-star ratings: 46,492

Promising review: “I waited to post this review until I went in for my quarterly periodontal this week. What prompted me to buy this in the first place was the dental hygienist recommendation to purchase an electric toothbrush and after shopping around, this is the best deal in the market. What’s even better is my hygienist didn’t need to use a Water Pik and just used a dental instrument to clean my teeth as there was hardly any tartar buildup after using this for 3 months. She even recommended that I come in two times a year instead of four times a year, thereby saving even more money for copays. This toothbrush works great and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”— Peter T. Belmonte
Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush
The Oral-B Pro 1000 uses a round oscillating head with cross-laying bristles that rotate and pulsate to effectively clean each tooth, along the gum line and in between teeth. This brush uses a single cleaning mode and has pressure sensors to prevent you from brushing too hard. It's also compatible with most Oral-B brush heads, including the FlossAction, DeepSweep and SensitiveGum heads.

Five-star ratings: 28,017

Promising review: “This brush was rated as a top choice and 'bang for the buck' model. I ordered it as a temp electric toothbrush and it works great. This has the round, oscillating brush that you can spend time over each tooth with and it does a great job cleaning between teeth with the cross action brushes. [It] also offers a slim handle and a recharging base. I did not receive any special deals on this purchase and I am just really excited I found a toothbrush at this price that offers the benefits I need for my sweet teeth.” — cupcakemomma
Oral-B Pulsar battery-powered toothbrush with charcoal bristles
This battery-powered disposable toothbrush by Oral-B uses similar pulsing and vibrational technologies as a traditional electric toothbrush, but can be a more portable option. The bristles are infused with activated charcoal to help absorb stains and detoxify gums and the split-head design helps to moderate the amount of pressure applied to your teeth and gums.

Five-star ratings: 12,879

Promising review: “I like this toothbrush overall. I had a fancy, rechargeable rotating one a while back, but I tend to push too hard with my toothbrush, thus possibly injuring my gums, [so I had to get rid of it]. I very much appreciate the results from using this brush. It does not cause any damage, but provides a much cleaner mouth! If I could, I would give it more than 5 stars!” — Amazon customer
Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries electric toothbrush
The Oral-B Pro 7000 can be a great way to monitor your oral health due to the Bluetooth connectivity feature that provides real time feedback, tracks your habits over time and provides motivation through helpful oral care tips. Like other Oral-B electric toothbrushes, the round brush head oscillates, rotates and pulsates around the whole tooth, using cross-action bristles that get into hard-to-reach ares. This rechargeable brush has six modes that include daily clean and tongue clean, along with sensors that let you know when you are pushing too hard.

Five-star ratings: 10,895

Promising review: "Absolutely Recommend. This toothbrush is great if your gums are sensitive. I don’t know how I lived for so long brushing the manual way; electric toothbrushes clean your teeth better. There are four or five different brush heads that fit this unit. Mine came with a cross action head, sensitive head and a polishing head. Spend the extra money on this unit because of all the different modes it has; if you go cheaper you may only get one or two speeds. It even [connects] to my phone and shows you how long you [should] spend on each section of your mouth.” — Amazon ustomer

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