Beware of PVS! It's Spreading!

You heard of phantom limb syndrome - where amputees feel pain in a limb that is not there.

Now a new condition is spreading across the country -- PVS -- Phantom Vibration Syndrome. Millions of people are reporting symptoms of feeling a buzz in their pockets, purses and jackets where no such vibration occurred.


It seems that since the brain is anticipating a vibration from calls and text messages, it interprets the slightest friction as a phone vibration. Many people are feeling this buzz even when their phone is not next to them!

The medical experts are confounded on how to treat PVS. Dr. Todd Singham of the Ontario Medical Center has seen many cases popping up -- perhaps because of his proximity to the headquarters of RIM/Blackberry. Dr. Singham has tried several approaches to treat the condition including applying electric acupuncture to different parts of the body with a specially-designed needle. He wanted to desensitize the skin to such misinterpretations, but it has not worked yet.

There is now talk of a telethon starring Jesse Eisenberg to raise money for the PVS Foundation and direct research money to this growing problem.

There are of course people who enjoy a good vibration now and then -- but that requires some control as to where on the body you feel the buzz.

Are you experiencing Phantom Vibration Syndrome? What do you suggest for a treatment?