Beyonce Accused Of Stealing Dance Moves In "Countdown" Video

Beyonce has been getting a ton of buzz for her new video for "Countdown," in which she shows off her baby bump and went for a retro look, channeling Audrey Hepburn. But the buzz isn't all good and the pregnant diva has been accused of ripping off dance moves by Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

According to AceShowbiz.com De Keersmaker told a Danish blog that she had not been asked permission for her choreography to be performed, "I didn't know anything about it. I'm not mad, but this is plagiarism," she said.

The video contains two dance routines that have come under scrutiny, reports The Gaurdian.

The first uses a spit-screen effect with Beyonce on the left and three ballet dancers performing a routine on the right, that closely resembles moves that appear in the Belgian choreographer's first work with her company, Rosas Danst Rosas. In another part of the video, the routine is similar to that of Achterland, a filmed version of which won the Dance Screen awards in 1994.

This isn't the first time Beyonce has been accused of plagiarizing choreography. In May, a performance of "Run the World (Girls)" at the Billboard Music Awards, was said closely resemble a routine by Lorella Cuccarini, reports the paper. While the singer later did admit to having been inspired by Cuccarini, she hasn't commented on the most recent round of allegations.