Bike-Powered Business Booming In Portland

Bike-Powered Business Booming In Portland

"I think the recent explosion in biking is both a return on our communities' investments in encouragement programs and infrastructure - bike lanes, paths, bike boulevards, etc. - and a sign of increasing concern about economics, health, and the environment. We are seeing a much greater diversity of people out biking and even bike commuting these days," says Stephanie Noll, Bicycle Transportation Alliance Programs Manager. Noll also points out that the reason for choosing cycles over cars is multi-faceted. "The increasing cost of driving or concern about the environment alone are generally not enough for most of our communities' members to imagine themselves on a bike."

Cutting costs might appear to be the biggest reason for transitioning to a bike operated structure, but just like individuals, the price of driving isn't the sole force behind choosing pedal power over cars. "When we worked on our business plan, gas prices were low. We did a full price analysis that looked at cars, zip cars, scooters, electrical cars, etc. and for the price and brandability of those, bikes came out way ahead. There's a low up front, low maintenance costs and you don't have to worry about gas prices fluctuating," says Lazar.

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