Coming Out As Bisexual: 'Real L Word' Star Whitney, Bree Essrig Join 'The Rubin Report' Debate

What's the best way to come out as bisexual?

That's the question Dave Rubin posed to "Real L Word" cast member Whitney Mixter and YouTube personality Bree Essrig on this week's installment of "The Rubin Report."

"Until you've developed that kind of safe zone and trust with someone and they're considered your friend ... keep business [as] business," Mixter advised.

Though she's dated both men and women, Essrig said she related more to "pansexual" people, partly because she hated the "stigma" of the word "bisexuality." She went on to note, "I've had mixed responses, but I know that people that I've been in relationships with, it's a scary thing to them and it's a threatening thing, because there's double the competition."

Calling bisexuality "the hottest of all the sexualities these days," Rubin said the debate was partly a response to a New York Times column by Steven Petrow. In that piece, Petrow -- who is the author of Steven Petrow's Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners -- advised, "Whether you call yourself bi, fluid, queer or something else, don’t get bogged down in the verbiage; choose instead to embrace your life as it is."

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