Bless Hilary Duff For Doing That Awkward Disney Channel Promo In 2017

This is what dreams are made of.

So much has changed since the heyday of the Disney Channel, when the families were proud and everything seemed (Kim) possible.

Our love for former teen queen /www.huffingtonpost.com/news/hilary-duff/"}}" data-beacon-parsed="true">Hilary Duff, however, has only grown since her “Lizzie McGuire” days, as she’s become a full-fledged triple threat (acting, singing, slowly becoming a Kardashian). 

But we’ll always have a soft spot for those old promos ― and the gloriously awkward outtakes ― in which the Disney Channel stars threw around a weird lightsaber thing that drew the shape of Mickey Mouse between episodes. 

So we are more than here for Duff recreating the promos in 2017 during a recent BuzzFeed interview with her “Younger” co-star Sutton Foster. 

“It’s so ridiculous. It’s so funny though. So we have to do the thing and then they put it in CGI, the mouse ears,” Duff explained.  “And then they made us do it like 900 times. And I think I lost all personality at that point. Plus, I was like a pubescent teen. I was like, what are they making me do, this is invisible! But Raven Symone was nailing it!”

“I think I had shot the beginning of Lizzie McGuire with all those bouncy balls, and I was like, what is this last minute thing?” she continued. “It’s like Hilary with a lot of attitude. Like, what are they making me do? But now I’m happy to do it, because that was hilarious.”

Watch Duff transport you back to the early 2000s below.