Blowout Tips: How To Make Your Hairstyle Last For One Week (VIDEO)


The editors here at HuffPost Style have debated the pros and cons of a salon blowout, but there's no denying that professional styling manages to trump what we do at home. We can't afford weekly hair appointments (or manage a budget like Rihanna for an on-call stylist), so we'll try just about anything to make our blowouts last longer.

In the video above, PopSugar Beauty reporter Kirbie shares six tips on how to get more mileage out of a blowout. Maintaining smooth and shiny locks is easy with an anti-humidity hair cream or serum. To protect your strands while you sleep, use a scrunchie to gather into a topknot, as this will help build body. Then, wrap entire head with a silk scarf or lie down on silk pillows to reduce frizz.

In the mornings, a thick shower cap will block out moisture. Apply a dry shampoo to absorb any oil and brush hair with a boar bristle brush for a soft, fluffy finish. If your crown needs a boost, use a round brush and hair dryer around the front and sides to rebuild volume.

What's the longest your salon blowout lasted?

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Victoria Principal, 1970

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