Boehner's Got it Backward

Yesterday, Ohio's own John Boehner, nationwide Republican leader in the House of Representatives, said BP shouldn't be entirely responsible for the costs of cleaning up their oil spill in the Gulf.

Boehner apparently thinks you, I, and the rest of America's taxpayers should pay for some of the oil spill.

And he's got it completely backward.

This is the worst of Washington hypocrisy: the same people blocking support for out-of-work Americans want to help out an oil company that's responsible for the worst environmental disaster in American history.

This is a mentality we absolutely have to change in Washington, and that change starts with the rest of us.

I've been spearheading an effort among my fellow Ohioans to "Blow the Whistle on Boehner," because full public awareness and attention on this kind of proposal is what it takes to beat it back.

If you agree with me, we'd all love to have you join us by clicking here.

Since his initial comments, Boehner has tried to walk back by claiming he didn't understand the question.

But no matter what he's saying on any given day, he's steadfast in wanting to cap BP's liability for the damages it caused to families across the Gulf region.

That's wrong.

BP created this environmental tragedy, and they should be responsible for cleaning it up -- as well as repairing the damage it caused.

It's time to end the Washington mentality of bailing out BP and Wall Street for their irresponsible actions while shortchanging small businesses and everyday people.

And one thing's clear: we're never going to change that mentality by letting politicians like John Boehner propose these ridiculous schemes without getting called out.

It's like when you ask a child what he wants for dinner, and he replies "candy," just to see if he can get away with it. You can't let him.

Please stand with me and my fellow Ohioans and make clear to Congressman Boehner that there will be no BP bailout!

Thanks for your help.