Boise Bars Offer Free Boob Job To Mardi Gras Revelers In Idaho

To celebrate Mardi Gras properly, bars in Boise, Idaho, have opted for an unusual door prize in attempt to perk up customers: a free boob job.

The bars China Blue, Dirty Little Roddy’s and Main Street Bistro are all owned by one man, Ted Challenger, who has promised to hand out a $3,000 voucher for breast augmentation surgery as a door prize.

“We’re just trying to put some fun back into Mardi Gras,” Challenger explained to The Idaho Statesman.

Visit the Idaho Statesman to learn more about the promotion.

"It’s the best door prize we feel we could give away on this Holiday," states a Facebook page dedicated to the event. The statement is presumably in reference to the Mardi Gras tradition of giving beaded necklaces to women in exchange for a quick flash of nudity.

The Huffington Post reached out to Challenger for comment but did not immediately hear back.

Response to the promotion has seen mixed success, with commenters on Facebook staying mostly neutral or positive ("YES! Boobs please!," writes one woman), while readers on the Idaho Statesman website have been keen to voice displeasure.

"Evidence of what a sick society we have become," Claire Cox writes. "Boobs are for feeding infants, not entertaining infantile men."

A similar "Boobs for Beads" contest, held last year at a bar in Buffalo, New York, evoked a similar mixture of responses, with the bar's manager ultimately backpedalling, "As bad as the promotion sounds, I don't want it executed in a tacky way."



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