Bradley Cooper As Lance Armstrong: JJ Abrams Confirms Actor Is In Talks For Biopic (UPDATED)

Bradley Cooper As Lance Armstrong? (UPDATED)

Bradley Cooper may just be getting exactly what he's wished for. Last week the "Silver Linings Playbook" actor told BBC News that he would be interested in playing Lance Armstrong in the upcoming biopic, and now, director JJ Abrams said that he has been speaking to Cooper about the part.

"[Cooper] sent me an email and we've been talking," Abrams told ET.

"I would be interested in [playing Armstrong]," Cooper told BBC News. "I think he's fascinating. What a fascinating character."

UPDATE: Bradley Cooper is now denying that he was hoping for the role. "Oh my God, that’s so nuts!" Cooper told Access Hollywood. "I was in Manchester, doing the BBC morning show… I had no idea what [the interviewer] was talking about. I didn’t even know that J.J. has the rights, I had no idea.”

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