Brews for Bernie USA launches

Friends toasting with beer.
Friends toasting with beer.

The "Brews for Bernie" event in Boulder Colorado on May 14th at Owsley's Golden Road was the start of a grassroots movement. And not just focused on Bernie Sanders.

People were stoked about Bernie's wins and were signing up for shifts to phone bank for Oregon and California, and even signing up to "Journey for Bernie".

But we also had people circulating petitions to ban Fracking in our state, and of course for talking about, Colorado Care -- Amendment 69, which could lead the way for Single Payer for the entire Country!

Also, we had candidates for office, who are feelin' the Bern including

plus the bands

and spoken word by

There were a LOT of donations made, and the bar donated $1 for every beer purchased to the campaign.

If people think the Bernie supporters are slowing down, they are in for a surprise.

Brews for Bernie is just one example to me, of how big this Revolution is getting.

This is the heavily edited short version of the event. You can see all the bands and speakers and performers on the live stream of the event here.

Here is the edited version with the highlights!

Notable quotes:
Olivia Barber, founder of the event:

Question: What's been your feedback from the bands that agreed to participate?


They have loved it! I had so many bands, 20 to 25 different bands that reached out and asked to play once they heard about it, same with the Speakers.

People see this movement is bigger than just ourselves.

Giselle Herzfeld -- who is only 19, but has become a DNC delegate to Philadelphia and I think you'll agree, she knows a thing or two about what's up.

The fact that Bernie has given the youth of America an idea to stand behind means that Bernie's vision is THE future of Politics in America, and that fact alone gives me more hope than I could have ever imagined.

I became a delegate to the National Convention to show the DNC that the youth of America are paying attention and we DO care what happens in this country. This is a fact that the establishment Politicians have a very easy time forgetting, but we need to show them, that this is a Paradigm shift.

We are not going to sit down and shut up like we were taught in the curriculum that they designed, to keep us submissive, unquestioning, and obedient.

Bernie's message is stronger than that, and we are inspired to STAND UP and question the status quo and demand something better.

We are given hope, and they try to keep us silent with fear, but they don't realize is that hope is stronger than fear.

Please help Giselle get to Philly here at her gofundme page.

Spencer Carnes

In Oregon, they have this thing called 'inactive voters'

We need as many people as possible to start calling those individuals and tell them to go to their county clerks office and reactivate their voter registration.

We want to make sure we walk away from Oregon with a big win,

we want to make sure we walk away from North and South Dakota with big wins,

and we want to walk away from California with a YUGE win. YUUUUGE!

Angelique Espinoza, candidate for State House District 10.

(reflecting upon her work with the City Council and helping disenfranchised citizens)

Imagine that you really cared about something and you took the time to actually go down to City Council and talk about it, and they said

'Oh, I'm sorry, we already talked about that.


(sounds like a recent current event)

And a message from the Co-founder, Samantha Reynolds:

I'd like to invite people to visit our website at I am putting together a packet of our planning, checklists, art, and t-shirt account for anyone who wants to host a B4B event in their town. As an event planner, you will have access to the website and FB page for posting your information, organized event-by-event, as well as access to our youtube channel to live-stream your awesomeness nationwide for those who might like to throw a smaller house party and follow along to hear your speeches and performers. Go to our website and leave me a message if you'd like to start planning your own awesome fundraiser party. FEEL THE BERN, SPARK THE REVOLUTION!

Not only did we sign petitions and arrange to Get out the Vote for the remaining states, we helped get the word out about local races and continuing the Political Revolution that is Bernie Sanders.

Feel the Bern!!!!