Broken Glass Projects: Do-It-Yourself Ideas For Reusing Mirror Shards

7 Ways To Reuse A Broken Mirror

We all know that breaking a mirror is said to bring on bad luck, but personally, I’m much less concerned about a supposed seven-year slump than I am about the fact that I can’t recycle all those reflective shards. That’s right, mirrors are not recyclable, because they’re made from chemically treated glass. So what’s a person to do if ever their mirror has a little accident? Well as it turns out, all sorts of things!

Do you have any cool ideas for re-using broken mirror glass? Please do share them in the comments below. Legend says that using the pieces will ward off any bad luck that’s been incurred, so get to crafting!


How To Recycle A Broken Mirror

Cover image courtesy of FLICKR and TIM SHEERMAN-CHASE

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