Bruce Springsteen Proves He's 'The Boss' By Signing Boy's Tardy Note

"Dear Ms. Jackson, Xabi has been out very late rocking & rolling ..."

Bruce Springsteen totally owned it when a young fan at a concert asked him to sign a note saying the boy would be late for school the following day.

"The Boss" spotted 9-year-old Xabi Glovsky holding up a handwritten plea which read, "Bruce, I will be late to school tomorrow please sign my note," during his show at the Los Angeles Sports Arena on Tuesday night.

He invited the boy and his father, Scott, backstage after finishing his 35-song set, and wrote out what's probably the most rock 'n' roll tardy message of all time.

"Dear Ms. Jackson, Xabi has been out very late rocking & rolling," Springsteen penned. "Please excuse him if he is tardy."

The singer then posed for the above snap with the youngster, which his father later posted on Twitter. Claremont-based attorney Scott Glovsky said he really didn't expect the singer to even see his son's message.

"I thought the chances that we would get an autograph from it, that he would sign it, would ... probably be one in a thousand," he told KTLA 5. "I didn't imagine, in my wildest dreams, that we could actually meet him and go backstage." 

It's a good job Xabi had the note as, per the Claremont Courier, the father and son only woke up at about 10:45 a.m. the day after the concert. 

But Xabi said his teacher didn't mind too much, as it turns out she's also a big Springsteen fan: "The people in the office, too. They said it was like, the best tardy note of all time."