Bunny Wheelchair Is Huge Help For Giant Rabbit Who Couldn't Walk

"Wherever there is still life, everything deserves a chance."

Bertha is one giant fluffy ball of cuteness. But when the rabbit had trouble getting around after her hips collapsed in May, Bertha's owner, Melanie James, took her to the vet and received advice she didn't want to hear.

"When the vet said the nicest thing to do would be to put her down, [Bertha] still had so much life," James told South West News Service. "I've actually seen dogs in wheelchairs and I thought, 'If it works for a dog, then why not a rabbit?'"

So James, of Cumbria county in England, adapted a puppy wheelchair for Bertha.

She told The Telegraph that it took a few days for her pet to get used to the device, which looks more like a wheel harness than an actual wheelchair. But it has restored Bertha's independence.

"We're hopeful, in time, that she will regain her mobility," James says in the video above.

Some people still tell James she should euthanize Bertha, she told The Telegraph. But she has a ready response: "My answer to that is that wherever there is still life, everything deserves a chance."

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