Carsten Holler Exhibit At The New Museum To Have Giant Slide

Take A Ride: 102-Foot Long Slide To Grace The New Museum

With the installation of a 102-foot slide, the New Museum will transform into something of a high-brow amusement park on Wednesday. The slide is a part of a new exhibition by German artist Carsten Holler and will feature the winding spectacle, along with other interactive features including his famed 2005's Mirror Carousel.

Holler invites museum patrons to tap into their inner childhood and ride the three-story "pneumatic mailing system" tube. Nervous? Fear not! Helmets, elbow pads, and a soft cushy landing are provided.

The upcoming exhibit will present Holler's work from the past 18 years, as well as a new light installation. Back in 2006, Holler constructed a similar work at London's Tate Modern where he debuted The Unilever Series as an idea for alternative transportation in cities.

Carsten Holler: Experience will run from October 26-January 12.

Below is a glimpse into the slide's construction. Enjoy and catch you at the playground!

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