Some favourite cartoons - 2016 into 2017

2017 - "Hold on tight and enjoy the ride." 2017-01-03-1483403488-8891673-2017.jpg

The refugee crisis: "Daesh, dashing, dashed." 2017-01-03-1483405077-5532918-dashing.jpg

Black Lives Matter: Woman faces down riot police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2017-01-03-1483403940-6723835-cartoon5.jpg

British Astronaut, Tim Peake touches back to a world in chaos 2017-01-03-1483404099-7273920-cartoon6.jpg

Lovesick husband hijacks Egypt Air plane to get a message to his ex-wife 2017-01-03-1483404195-4162414-cartoon7.jpg

Attempt by enthusiastic American to get Londoners talking with "Tube Chat" badges backfires 2017-01-03-1483405549-4850581-tubechat.jpg

Trump: election campaign 2017-01-03-1483405187-1583059-trump993.jpg

Trump: election night 2017-01-03-1483404566-4326822-trump992.jpg

America wakes up on the day after the night before 2017-01-03-1483404617-9392632-trump99.jpg

The Trump administration 2017-01-03-1483404808-3627199-trumpuuuu.jpg