Cat Seen Clinging To Van Roof In Viral Video Is Alive And Well

And he's appropriately named "Rebel."

If you’ve been concerned about the fate of that cat seen clinging for dear life to the roof of a van speeding down a highway in Ohama, Nebraska, have no fear.

Rebel, the fluffy gray and white feline in the May 18 clip, is safe and sound. He appeared with owner Michelle Criger in a video that KETV reporter Chinh Doan posted to Twitter Wednesday. Rebel, who doesn’t appear to be a big fan of the camera, had no injuries from the high ordeal, Doan added in another tweet.

Criger told KETV that she and her boyfriend were driving for about two miles before people in a passing car noticed Rebel gripping the vehicle’s roof on the interstate.

Ronda Rankin, one of the passengers in that passing car, shot a video of the incident that went massively viral this week, appearing in numerous local and national news outlets. The clip shows Rebel meowing and holding onto the roof while Rankin’s daughter can be heard saying, “That’s a cat.”

“We were going 60 miles an hour,” Rankin told Inside Edition in the video above. “There was nothing on that roof for that cat to hold onto. So I have no idea how it was staying up there.”

Rankin yelled to the Criger to alert her there was a cat on the van roof.

Criger and her boyfriend were then able to bring Rebel to safety. She told KETV that she’s thankful Rankin and her family alerted her to what was happening. She added that now, before driving off, she always checks underneath the van and on top to make sure Rebel isn’t in any dangerous predicaments.



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