Sandra Bullock, Josh Brolin And Other Stars Sound Off On Who Would Make The Best Celeb President

It's definitely not Donald Trump.

The presidential election is fast approaching, and thanks in part to Donald Trump, the line between politics and entertainment becomes blurrier each day. 

Sure, Trump isn't the first "celebrity" (he did have his own TV show, after all) to run for president -- Ronald Reagan did it, and won -- but that doesn't mean he's suited for the job. So, who would make a good celebrity president? Well, The Hollywood Reporter asked the famous folks of Tinseltown to answer just that during the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Michael Moore, Al Franken, Sean Penn and Oprah (Ellen Page's choice) are just a few of the names that come up in the discussions, though not everyone interviewed was into the idea. 

"I don't like the idea of a celebrity president," Geoffrey Rush stated. "It just seems wrong."  Naomi Watts, clearly on the same wavelength, said, "Let's leave that to the politicians." 

Sandra Bullock, though not naming anyone in particular, shared a good thought: "How about someone who really cares about our country and wants to make it great for everyone and equal for everyone? That's a crazy concept! I think we should put that out there as an idea."

Watch the video above to see more stars sound off on who would make the best celebrity candidate. You might be surprised with some of their choices. 


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