Channing Tatum Fangirling Over Simone Biles Is The Sweetest Thing You'll See Today

Seriously the best.

It’s hard not to fangirl over Simone Biles. Just ask Channing Tatum

This week, the “Magic Mike” star appeared on “Ellen,” where he got to meet the small-but-mighty Olympic gold medalist. From the moment host Ellen DeGeneres said the gymnast’s name, Tatum couldn’t help but gush.

When DeGeneres asked whether the actor had met her yet, Tatum said he hadn’t. “I’m gonna freak out,” he warned. 

“She’s going freak out to meet you,” the comedian assured him, but, almost without letting her finish, Tatum replied, “Yeah, I’m gonna freak out more, I bet.”

The actor then brought up an interesting idea while discussing the star athlete’s gymnastics skills. (Channing Tatum has zero chill.)

“My theory is that she’s so tiny, she has a harder time holding onto the ground than just going up. I don’t know. She’s always flying away,” he said. “I think she’s got really strong toes which helps her hold on to the ground.” 

In the video, when the two finally meet, it’s adorable. Tatum, holding all of Biles’ medals, is DeGeneres’ gift to the gymnast. The three of them take selfies, and Biles even lets them wear her medals, which garners a genuinely excited, “WHAT?!” from Tatum. 

Watch the whole clip above. 



Simone Biles Is Queen