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A Hat Tip To Charlize Theron: 7 Bowlers She's Inspired Us To Wear (PHOTOS)

I have a confession to make: I don't like hats. Actually, let me rephrase: I like hats on other people, but I don't wear them myself. I have a short pixie 'do, and I have never liked the way hats look on ladies with short hair.

That all changed last week when I saw Charlize Theron out and about with her baby boy and newly-sheared crop, topped with a bowler hat. The hats, also known as "derby" hats, are known for their round crowns and are most recognized from films like "The Thomas Crown Affair" where artist René Magritte's iconic work "The Son Of Man" is referenced in one famous scene.

Additionally, one of my stylish coworkers has a hairstyle similar to mine, and she looks adorable with her bowler hat perched just so (think Madonna in "Open Your Heart").

With that said, I am inspired to try the topper. Here, seven chic bowler hats that are miles away from "A Clockwork Orange."

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Stylelist 7: Bowler Hats