How To Upgrade Your Home With Items Under $25

Find new lighting, area rugs, smart shelving and more to freshen up your space on the cheap.
Find affordable and effective home upgrades like this modern area rug, these statement acrylic containers for bathrooms and kitchens, this peel-and-stick floor tile and a bouquet of eucalyptus for a spa-worthy shower.
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Find affordable and effective home upgrades like this modern area rug, these statement acrylic containers for bathrooms and kitchens, this peel-and-stick floor tile and a bouquet of eucalyptus for a spa-worthy shower.

Freshen up your space without breaking the bank with this list of affordable home decor additions, each one under $25. Redo your bathroom floor with peel-and-stick tile, restore wooden furniture with an internet-famous furniture polish and revamp walls with decorative floating shelves that are also practical.

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A beautiful runner with a boho chic feel
Promising review: "This rug came rolled up in thick plastic, and the quality and colors are just perfect. For the price, this rug is great. It blends well with my decor, and I like the fact that it is soft but seems durable. It's easy to vacuum to clean. If you are looking for a nice-looking, not expensive rug, this is what you need." — Martha

Get it from Amazon for $24.34.
A rope basket to store blankets, spare pillows and more
Promising review: "I love this basket. We use it to store the living room throw blankets and pillows rather than having them pile up on the couch. It fits a lot, and the quality is good, not cheap looking/feeling. I can tell it's the type of product that will last a long time. I would definitely consider buying from this brand again. The very minor downside is that it comes with a big crease from the way it's packaged, but I'm sure it'll go away after some time — no biggie." — DHz

Get it from Amazon for $23.99.
A set of floating shelves to take advantage of empty wall space
Promising review: "I've been looking everywhere for shelves like these but have had no luck. Anything I found was either too big or over $100. These are fantastic. They go perfectly in my bathroom and allow me extra shelving for things I can't fit on the counter top. I'm buying another set or two for my living room. They're super easy to hang, especially if you have a drill." — Stephanie

Get it from Amazon for $14.17+.
An adhesive tile backsplash to upgrade kitchen spaces
Promising review: "This is perfect for upgrade on a budget. These 'tiles' have given my dull kitchen new life and withstood extreme cold and humidity (electrical issues) with no problem. I receive compliments all the time!" — Deidre Dennis

Get a set of six from Amazon for $22.98.
A decorative bracket shelf to add life to walls
Promising review: "I bought three of these shelves, and they look so cute! They are of good quality and are not too expensive. I would recommend these." — sierra65

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $8+.
A set of velvet throw pillow covers to update your existing pillows
These are just pillow covers, so don't forget the pillow inserts, if you need them. They are available in seven sizes and 37 colors.

Promising review: "I love these pillowcases! They are way nicer than I expected for the price. They are soft, wash well, and look more expensive than the price. I’m super happy with my purchase. I was kinda iffy on buying them, but I went ahead and did it because I knew I could return them if I didn’t like them, but I was actually pleasantly surprised." — Amanda

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.
An chic infinity vase you can fill with some flowers, pampas grass or eucalyptus
Promising review: "This looks like a high-end, very expensive vase for such an amazing price! I was so impressed when it arrived, and I can’t wait to display it in my house." — Quinne

Get it from Amazon for $22.50+.
A personalized map key holder to hang next to your door
Before adding this item to your cart, you can choose to add the name(s) and the address you want illustrated on it. Oakdene Designs is a Salford, U.K.-based small biz that specializes in creating personalized home decor and other mementos!

Promising review: "Our custom key holder is absolutely stunning! The quality exceeded my expectations, and the shipping process was very quick. So thrilled with this memento of our first apartment together that we will cherish for years to come!" — Jessica

Get it from Oakdene Designs on Etsy for $22.67.
An entryway organizer to hold mail, keys, sunglasses and more
Promising review: "This is really handy. It really reduced my key hunting time. It's also great to stage your mail or small items such as sunglasses. It's good quality." — Jack M.

Get it from Amazon for $20.
A set of garage magnets meant upscale the appearance of your current garage door
These can easily be removed without any damage. Plus, if you really want to complete the look, you can also add some magnetic windows to the top.

Promising review: "These faux windows are an ingenious upgrade product that added value and style to my home without breaking the bank! With an installation that takes about 30–50 seconds, I instantly improved my home's curb appeal without having to spend thousands on new garage doors. I did not cut any of the panels, but the templates included for cutting custom shapes were easy to use and understand. So far, through two harsh Minnesota winters, they have stayed right in place. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend these to anybody looking for a facelift for their property." — martymar

Get a set of six magnets from Amazon for $14.99+.
An LED light strip to upgrade your vanity, cabinets and more
Promising review: "It looks beautiful on my new vanity! The brightness is incredible, and I love the dimmer feature. To line my mirror, I used about half the roll, and I wish it came with another plug/dimmer for the second half! I’ll definitely be ordering them. The light is strong, and shows you ALL imperfections (which I guess is the point, but wow, surprise!!) I am now hooked, and I'm telling my husband all the things in our home that HAVE to be lined with lights!" — Jenni P.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.
A geometric wire photo frame designed to add a little dimension to your decor
Promising review: "Can I just say I love this picture frame? It looks much more expensive than it was, and everybody that sees it compliments it! It makes me way too happy. Happier than a picture frame should. It makes me want to go buy a bunch of other stuff from Umbra because it is all very cool." — Monica Wood

Get it from Amazon for $12.
A sleek digital clock with a mirror face to double as an interesting decor piece
This alarm clock is available in eight colors and has two USB outlets that will charge your phone and other gadgets while you sleep.

Promising review: "This is a pretty basic alarm clock, but the mirror finish and large blue display give this a very modern look. Brightness is adjustable and controls are fairly simple. Blue is a deep vibrant shade and looks awesome against the mirror finish." — J. Pennington

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+.
An under-cabinet wineglass rack perfect creating more space
Promising review: "I really like this wine rack! I needed a nice, space-saving solution for wineglasses that are too tall to go in my glass cabinet, and this rack fits the bill. It was simple to install and looks great. Good buy!" — Cycle Mom

Get it from Amazon for $21.93+.
A grout pen to transform your bathroom or kitchen floor
Promising review: "We moved into our new home, and the shower had a really yellow grout. Cleaning didn’t do anything, and I saw this grout pen online. What a saver! Otherwise, I would have just hired someone to replace my shower. I used this grout pen, and my husband was so impressed :D The tip loses its shape fast, but just pull out the TIP AND FLIPPED IT OVER, and you’ll have a new tip." — jennifer

Get it from Amazon for $8.99.
A set of peel-and-stick floor tiles for an easy an economical floor upgrade
These tiles are water-resistant and washable. To apply, just peel the backing and stick to a clean floor. You don't need any special tools or even grout.

Promising review: "I've only had these on my bathroom floor for a month or so, but they seem like they'll hold up. They were a bit of a pain in the ass to cut, but I didn't have the best tools or patience. The price is bananas for how good these look! They really transformed the room for cheap." — Picky Bargain Mom

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $17.99.
A terrazzo rug with different colors and textures to add a bit of whimsy and depth to any room
Promising review: "The rug looks just like the pictures. It's pretty and a little boho. There was a bit of 'shedding' here and there but not much. I would recommend a rug pad as it does slip around on hard floors. The size is perfect for in front of my kitchen sink as it's longer than a standard mat." — JM

Get the 2x3 size from Amazon for $22.99.
A flat outlet plug to help you eliminate the eyesore of cord clutter
Promising review: "This was very easy to install to hide all the messy wires. This is life changing to create a nice, sleek space." — Martha Ashley

Get it from Amazon for $23.95+.
A static cling decorative window film to create privacy without clashing
The film is glue-free and reusable. It blocks 98% of UV rays and glare and also provides more than 95% privacy. It can be used on any smooth and clean surface. And it's easy to apply. All you have to do is remove the backing, spray soapy water on the window you're applying it to, press the film on, and use a squeegee to remove any excess water.

Promising review: "I was looking for something to provide privacy to our front door sidelights, without blocking the natural light. This looks great! It’s subtle and classy looking. It was very easy to apply as long as you get your measurements correct. I had to do six small windows, so after I made sure the first one would fit, I used that as my template for the remaining windows. The film goes on just like a window cling. So easy!" — SarahHK

Get it from Amazon for $10.99.
A set of five colored petite glass vases
Promising review: "These little vases look great holding fresh, artificial, or dried flowers or herbs. Alone or in groups on a nightstand or a luncheon table, you can enjoy their pretty colors and designs." — C. Gaj

Get the set from Amazon for $19.95.
A set of sheer drapes to add a touch of greenery to your home
Promising review: "I have extra tall windows in my sunroom. I decided to order ten of these panels because they were so inexpensive and because the print would add a nice touch to all the plants, white wicker, etc. I LOVE THE WAY THIS LOOKS IN A SUNROOM. The quality is what you would expect for the price, the print is great but the seams pucker slightly. But when I put the ten panels together, that all just worked together. My windows are now bright with leaves cascading down and the whole room is just fantastic because of these curtains." — Janice Briggs

Get them from Amazon for $10.26+.
Under-cabinet lights to add brightness to your kitchen
Promising review: "I had my doubts but I thought, what the heck, for the price I'd give them a try. I am in real estate and known as a lighting snob. The first thing I look at in a kitchen if there is under-cabinet lighting. These are so nice (it helps if you have a lip at the bottom of your cabinets) They are a true white, very bright, and I was lucky they were just the length I needed. I just ordered a set and had them shipped to my mom's as her halogen transformer which is buried in a wall, fried, and it drives me nuts that the workspace on the counter is dark. I can't wait until I make the 250-mile drive to install them. I may buy more just to use at our listings!" — pauly

Get a 10' strand with 60 lights from Amazon for $21.98.
Outlets that double as night lights
Promising review: "I don't like night-lights because they take up the wall outlet, so this was the perfect solution. I put it in the guest bath and at night with the bathroom door open this provides just enough light to guide a person to the bathroom without blinding them. I ended up putting two on my hallway switches as well. What a great product." — LMK

Get it from Amazon for $22.48+.
Removable stair riser decals that look like real tile
Quadrostyle is a woman-owned small business based in Denpasar, Indonesia. These decals come in six heights and two finishes.

Promising review: "These are beautiful, and I absolutely love them. I decided to go with every other riser, and I love how it looks in my space. They are very easy to install, though I would say go slowly with the first one and measure carefully. Once I got the hang of it, they went up easily. I have been showing them off and everyone loves them. Great way to customize and upgrade an overlooked space!" — bleve1111

Get a set of six from Quadrostyle on Etsy for $14.23+.
A pom-pom throw that will instantly add a touch of to your couch or bed
Promising review: "So this was a total impulse buy, but I’m sooo glad I bought it! Literally no dislikes. I bought the mustard yellow in the 60"x80" and it’s the greatest thing everrrr. So pretty and comfortable. I’m obsessed. I will definitely be purchasing as a gift for family and friends in the future." — Kassandra Emerson

Get it from Amazon for $19.54.
A set of minimalist wood hooks
Promising review: "Me: I'm going to put hooks on the back of the door. Wife: No you're not. No hooks, nothing, nada, never. Me: Here are the hooks for the back of the door. Wife: Oh, those are so nice!!" — Ihaveopinions

Get a set of two from Amazon for $16.99+.
An adhesive ledge shelf set to avoid counter clutter
Promising review: "These looks so good, are super easy to install, and are highly functional. The end of my kitchen counter always had keys, phones, whatever, and now, it’s clear." — TC&Mina

Get it from Amazon for $22.95.
A centerpiece bowl with an interesting and eye-catching design
Promising review: "I love this bowl. It looks more expensive than it actually is. I like that it's not plastic, and it looks good with my decor! I will actually buy a second one for a different area in my home." — MomReviews

Get it from Amazon for $21.95.
A fragrant eucalyptus bundle to make your shower spa-worthy
Eucalyptus Blooms is a Charlotte, North Carolina–based small biz that sells eucalyptus bundles as well as lavender! These bundles are available in two sizes, both under $25.

Promising review: "It took a while to ship, but it was worth the wait. It looks fantastic in my shower and smells great, too. It makes an everyday part of my routine feel luxurious! PS: I saw this item posted on BuzzFeed, which is what inspired me to buy. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the shop received a ridiculous influx or orders from being featured on such a large site, which may explain why it took a little while for mine to be shipped. 10/10 would recommend!" — Breanna D.

Get it from Eucalyptus Blooms on Etsy for $13.44+.
A modern magazine rack perfect for storing any magazines, newspapers and catalogues
Promising review: "I just got this magazine holder today, and I can't tell you enough about the quality of this product. It's beautiful, just like the picture, and it's efficient...I put it alongside my TV stand and no longer have to clutter up the stand ;)" — N.M.P118

Get it from Amazon for $23.58.
A set of plastic apothecary-style containers to create statement storage
Promising review: "The small, medium, and large sizes were absolutely perfect. They look well put together and are perfect for organizing the bathroom while giving it a more elegant look." — Nikki

Get a set of two from Amazon for $24.99.
A decorative rectangle tray for coffee tables, ottomans and counter tops
Promising review: "I love this tray. It looks very expensive and seems to be made from durable material. I took a gamble by ordering the gold color because some can be too bright, but I'm so glad I did. This tray is beautiful and provides a nice accent color in my bonus room." — TDT74

Get it from Amazon for $21.99+.
A photo clip string light that combines ambiance and sentimentality
The lights come with 20 clear photo clips that emit warm white light. It requires three AA batteries that are not included.

Promising review: "My daughter absolutely loves this in her room! The lights don't get overheated and haven't burnt out yet. The clips hold the pictures perfectly without damaging them or being too loose. This is a great purchase!" — Shelley

Get the 20-LED set from Amazon for $9.97.
A wood polish and conditioner to make old furniture look like new
Promising review: "This stuff is absolutely AMAZING. My wife and I were getting tired of looking at our worn-out cabinets and wood paneling and were very close to paying a professional thousands of dollars to refinish it all, but then we came across this product. Our paneling and cabinets were looking rough. We have two dogs that jumped up and scratched places. We also had an area that was damaged by water spots where our dog bowls were. Several other areas were just worn from heavy traffic. This stuff was like a magical eraser for water spots, scratches, scuffs, and any other blemish. We simply wiped the product on with a paper towel and let it sit for 20 minutes before wiping it off with a clean towel. Everything looks brand-new. I'm buying a couple more so we can finish our cabinets and wood paneling. We're so glad we found this product." — Kris

Get it from Amazon for $7.
A damage free marble-patterned self-adhesive film to refresh tabletops, countertops and desks
The film is made from vinyl/PVC film and is water-resistant. To apply, cut the film to the size you need, remove the backing paper and put it on any dry and flat surface using a D-C-Fix smoother. It will look as good as new.

Promising review: "Wow!!! I can't believe how much this brightened up our bathroom!! The paper is very thick and seems very durable!! It looks beautiful! It is mostly easy to install. Just takes some patience. I watched videos on how other people did it first before attempting it myself which I think really helped!! Using a blow dryer to smooth it on helps prevent bubbles from getting caught underneath the paper. This cheap update made such a difference!!!"— Anna F.

Get it from Amazon for $12.23.
A TV cord cover to disguise the cables that are visible under your wall-mounted TV
Promising review: "This is the perfect solution for hiding a cord! It looks like it is just a part of the base board. Mine is covering a cable wire only, but I think they are big enough to hide more than one cord if needed. I didn’t cut mine, and I bought two. You can tell where the two meet if you look closely. However, I do not think anyone would notice. I can’t believe I let our cable cord sit across the floor for this long. I wish I would have found these sooner!" — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+.
A floral medallion tapestry that can serve as a faux headboard
It comes with two traceless thumbtacks, two metal clips, and two mounting tapes, so you can hang it however you like.

Promising review: "I was redecorating our bedroom and wanted something large to cover the ugly wall behind our bed (our house is very old). I found this and figured it was worth a shot for the price. It's PERFECT. I am totally in love with it. It took five minutes to hand (it comes with stuff to hang it, but I used push-pins), and it is just amazing. I cannot believe it solved a big problem for me for that little money. Absolutely recommend this 100 percent!!" — Beth Friscino

Get it from Amazon for $18.99+.
A neutral table lamp perfect for nightstands and sideboards
Promising review: "The size is perfect for a two-drawer nightstand. The bottom has a soft smooth surface. I like the switch. It is an easy push button. I used electrical tape to adhere it to the back of the nightstand for easy accessibility. It gives lots of light for a minimalist lamp. It’s very effective without taking over the room with style and light." — Delilah McCullough

Get it from Amazon for $16.99.
Wood repair markers to cover scrapes and scratches on your wooden furniture
Promising review: "I can’t believe how well these work! Much better than I was expecting. I just had my home interior painted and the painters damaged a fiberboard medicine cabinet when they removed the masking tape. It ripped off the fake-wood veneer. These markers completely filled in the ugly spots and the colors blended well. I love that it appears to have some clear coat in it too as it dries with a slight shine that makes it look more like wood stain rather than marker. I also used them to stain wood filler in two spots in my maple kitchen cabinets where a previous homeowner had hung a paper towel holder and I really struggle to see the hole! It looks fantastic. I highly recommend this set. It’s a good value and works very well." — Shane

Get a set of 13 from Amazon for $9.99.
A folding storage ottoman to manage clutter that without clashing with decor
Promising review: "This ottoman is very useful. It doesn’t have a tray, but if you turn the lid, it can be used as a tray. It’s not very big, but I can rest and put my feet there. We can even sit to take pictures, and I store the blankets of the children in there. It's good for the price. I even ordered a second one." — marisa caballero

Get it from Amazon for $18.49+.

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