Chile's Independence Day! Celebrate The 'Dieciocho' With A Visual Tour Of The Country (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Celebrate The 'Dieciocho', Chile's Independence Day
Vineyards (HDR) - Valle Colchagua
Vineyards (HDR) - Valle Colchagua

¡Feliz "Dieciocho" Chile!

The "Fiestas Patrias" (Patriotic Holidays) in Chile begin far ahead of the eighteenth (dieciocho) of September with asados (barbecues), the traditional cueca dance, and family get-togethers. As the flag-waving and festivities culminate with parades hitting the streets of Santiago this week, we thought we'd celebrate (at least from afar) with a visual tour of the South American country.

These images will take you through the country's world renowned vineyards, breathtaking Andes mountain range, chilling Patagonia, and scorching deserts. So grab a glass of Chilean sauvignon blanc and some choripanes (sausage and bread) and come enjoy a visual adventure to the "end of the world" and back:

Celebrating Chile's Independence Day

Exploring Chile Through Photography

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