Chris Matthews, SNL Counterpart Darrell Hammond Laugh It Up: 'HA!' (VIDEO)

It's always interesting to see public figures side-by-side with the comedians who parody them on "Saturday Night Live." That's exactly what happened on Wednesday's "Hardball" when Chris Matthews sat down with Darrell Hammond, his celebrated SNL counterpart.

Matthews praised Hammond's spoofs of Rick Perry and Bill Clinton before turning to what he called "one of my favorite impersonations."

The two watched clips of Hammond imitating Matthews' "HA!" laugh and saying things like, "Suddenly, the national debt is higher than Rush Limbaugh and a Mexican pharmacy."

Hammond, who is making the media rounds for his new book "God, If You're Not Up There, I'm --", jokingly called the clips a "pointed stick." Matthews was clearly tickled by Hammond's sketches, laughing it up before throwing in his signature "Ha!"

That set off an exchange of "HA!" between the host and his guest.