Climate Scientists Are Like 'Doomsday Street Preachers,' Fox Guest Says

Also, experts are wrong because of armadillos.

Fox News, ever reliant on pseudoscience and false bias, sunk to new lows during a segment on Sunday when reporting on the landmark climate accord signed Friday at the United Nations headquarters.

The "Fox & Friends" segment hosted by Steve Doocy featured an interview with Marc Morano, the filmmaker behind the lambasted, denialist documentary "Climate Hustle." Also on set was a stuffed armadillo in a cage.

Doocy starts by pulling back a cover and revealing the armadillo, which his guest says was used by scientists to demonstrate both an assertion from the 1970s that the earth was cooling and, more recently, the ongoing global warming phenomenon. This alleged flip-flop demonstrates scientists ongoing inaccuracies, Morano says.

(Aside from one study released in 2011 that found the creatures are moving due to changing temperatures, the armadillo isn't often linked to climate change.)

The men exchange oft-repeated diatribes against the established scientific consensus that the earth is warming and humans are the prime cause. Despite 2015 being the hottest year on record, Morano incorrectly argues that the climate changes in cycles and all is well. 

Doocy also plays several clips of Prince Charles speaking about the dire threats the phenomenon poses to humanity, before the denialist duo link such concern with that of "doomsday street preachers ... most people thought [were] crazy."

Doocy: "That's like Jack Bauer on '24': 'We're running out of time!' As it turns out, we didn't run out of time."

Morano: "No, and this happens repeatedly, every time they give a deadline..."

Doocy: "This is a tactic, a tactic."

Morano: "It's a tactic of a doomsday street preacher on the corner that most people thought was crazy, and now it's gone mainstream. We have elite scientists at NASA that give us deadlines, they pass, and they just cross it out and give us a new deadline and say we must act. It's silliness."

Scientists have long warned man-made climate change will lead to a sweeping scourge of harmful effects, including an uptick in extreme weather, sea level rise and the collapse of ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef.

Take a look at the entire clip above.



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