United Nations

The pandemic has stymied global efforts to eradicate AIDS, the UN General Assembly said Tuesday as it called for urgent action to end AIDS by 2030.
The ACLU, families of victims and hundreds of civic groups demanded the U.N. independently investigate police brutality against Black people in America.
The virtual address will come as the U.S. makes progress on vaccinating the public and much of the world struggles to acquire vaccines.
In a letter released this week, three U.N. officials addressed "America’s increased military presence in Guam" and its effect on Indigenous people.
It’s time for developed countries responsible for most of the carbon in the air to not just cut emissions but remove them, India’s energy minister said.
The UN warns the Arab world’s poorest nation is speeding “towards a massive famine.”
The report from a body that normally investigates Russia, Myanmar and Afghanistan condemned disproportionate cancer rates in the badly polluted petrochemical corridor.
Neo-Nazi movements have exploited the pandemic to boost their support, said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
The U.N. finds Trump endorsed a strongman in Libya four days after Prince made a pitch to the militia boss for an $80 million mercenary op, the N.Y. Times reports.
While Friday’s return is heavily symbolic, world leaders say they expect America to prove its seriousness after four years of being pretty much absent.