This Video Of CNN's Egypt Coverage Says It All

People watching CNN on Wednesday morning experienced what was possibly the most richly symbolic example of American networks' relative indifference to the exploding political crisis in Egypt.

CNN was sticking with coverage of the George Zimmerman trial for yet another day. Host Ashleigh Banfield said the following as she explained a glitch in the trial:

"They are definitely trying to work out the bug-a-boos from what we just witnessed. Obviously the Skype line wasn't working too well, because everybody's friends were calling in and interrupting the line. They're going to work out a speakerphone situation. We're going to fit in a quick break while they get that all worked out. You won't miss a moment of any of the testimony. Back after this."

She then paused, caught herself, and added:

"Oh, and you know something else? We're going to get you back to Egypt aft—"

At this point, a commercial abruptly cut her off.

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