CNN Hero: Guadalupe Arizpe De La Vega Provides For Sick In Ravaged Juarez

In the midst of growing daily dangers, residents of Juarez, Mexico have continued to receive safe, quality health care thanks to the work of 74-year-old Guadalupe Arizpe De La Vega. Recently named a CNN "Hero," Vega started the nonprofit health care center, Hospital de la Familia, 37 years ago and continues to make sure the center is properly serving those in need.

Since she began working in the city, Vega has seen many changes. An increase in violence and drug activity has made the city one of the most dangerous in the world. Despite this, Vega still goes back to the city several times a week to check in on patients and hospital workers.

CNN profiled Vega during one of her weekly visits to the city as part of their "Heroes" series.


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