CNN Host Brian Stelter Addresses Major CNN Layoffs

CNN Host Explains Major Layoffs As 'Reshaping'

Brian Stelter, the host of CNN's media commentary program "Reliable Sources," addressed the network's latest layoffs that left approximately 150 people without jobs and saw the cancellation of several shows.

Stelter said that it had been a painful process for CNN, and framed the cuts as the result of an industry under strain. He pointed to a larger trend in the media industry to reshape programming, and pointed to CNN's efforts to keep the cost of employees down, pressure for the parent company Time Warner to boost its stock price and cable being increasingly threatened by online viewing options.

Stelter said:

Now, there is some overall shrinking going on. But the better word for what's happening in media today is "reshaping." Through layoffs, through cuts, through new investments, "reshaping" for the digital future that really feels more like the digital present. It's already here.

None of this context makes it any easier to say good-bye to our colleagues. In fact, it may make it even harder, because the fact of media, THE fact of media in 2014, is that reshaping of all kinds is going to continue.

His full remarks can be read here. Watch the video of the show segment above.

CNN aims to cut 8 percent of its staff, or approximately 300 jobs. Although 130 people have taken buyouts, the rest are expected to be laid off.

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